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Welcome to Entrata Icons. Entrata Icons is the icon journal of seduced and stellastarr_, owners of lmb and cmb. Here you will find icons featuring some of today's most popular actors, actresses, musicians, television shows, and much more! Feel free to use an icon, but remember to give credit!

1. Credit
2. Comment
3. Do not edit
4. Do not direct link



This is a sticky. It is always on top. [Rules + FAQ]
Welcome to Entrata Icons, an icon journal project for seduced and stellastarr_. Before checking out our icons, please read this following post.

Okay, there's four easy rules when it comes to using an icon from Entrata.

1. Credit entrata.lj.com
2. Comment if you decide to take an icon.
3. Icon bases are the only icons that may be edited.
4. Do not direct link.

Edit 7 July 2005 //
How to credit: Whenever you go to upload a picture, make sure you put by entrata or by entrata in the comment area. If you are still confused, check out this tutorial.

Following these rules simply implies that you respect the fact that we worked hard on these icons, and that you respect our simple wishes. Credit is given where credit is due. It's an important concept. So, same goes for Ashley and Stella here at Entrata. All credits and resources are listed in our User Information.

Also, please be sure that you read our FAQ. Again, they're very simple. Just reminders on remembering to credit, what you are, and aren't allowed to do to our icons, etc.

For full detail and information, please refer to the User Information.

If you have further questions, concerns, comments, etc. please post in this thread, and we will be sure to check your comment out. If you have a more important, personal question, you may email us at entrata@livejournal.com.


This is a sticky. It is always on top. [Affiliates]
We're always looking for new affiliates! If you would like to become an affiliate of Entrata Icons, please comment in this entry. We'll check you out, and once we've added you, we'll reply with a sort of "Added" message. Affiliates are listed in our User Information.


Due to our busy offline lives, Stella and I have decided to take a hiatus. I am busy getting ready to head back to school and Stella will be out of town for some time. We are not sure for how long, but we will keep you informed. Thanks!

Small Update
Hey, this is Ashley. First off, I just want to say that I will be fixing the icons so you don't see the Photobucket Exceeded bandwidth image. I plan on fixing that tomorrow since it's 2:12 am right now and I'm too tired to. I will be updating with some new icons soon as well, so keep an eye out for that!

Sorry for the laziness!

Icon Post #12
Hey everyone! It's Ashley here. It seems like it's been forever since I posted some icons. Well, I finally got off my lazy bum and made some last night. I hope everyone likes them!

32 ICONS: 8 Kate Bosworth, 4 Elisha Cuthbert, 6 Evangeline Lilly, 6 Lost, 3 Sandra Oh, and 5 Sophia Bush

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Icon Post #11
Stella here, updating with a few icons, featuring none other than the greatest show in the world, Lost! This is a really small set, as I've been on a icon-making block over the past few days, and they're all the same base. Still, I hope you guys like them, and feel free to pick out your favourite characters. :D

14 Icons: Lost [Characters]

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New layout!
Hey everyone! Notice anything different? :D Yup, there's a new layout up, made by me, Stella! :D I hope you like it. The set up and the colours aren't exactly the way Ashley and I had planned it, but I did the best I could, and I have to say, I don't think it's all too shabby, don't you? :P Anyways, enjoy the layout everyone. :)

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